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R.A.I.L. Sequence


The R.A.I.L. Sequence is a cutting-edge intelligent software technology currently under development by KMG Software, Inc. The aim for developing the technology is to help improve the business decision-making process, to track business operations, improve business sales records, and increase efficiency and revenue generation…basically, giving you an entire team of Harvard graduates that work for you around the clock.

R.A.I.L. stands for Reason, Action, Infer and Learn. R.A.I.L. technology takes every aspect of business into account: business psychology, statistics, biological sciences, (just to name a few), in order to assist in making educated, highly successful decisions. We believe that in the complicated business world, the more information a company possesses, the greater likelihood it will succeed. R.A.I.L. gives simplified, reliable and efficient results to the end users and keeps the complicated data mining procedures and mathematical calculations to itself.

R.A.I.L. enabled software solutions are capable of making rational decisions in different environments based on previous experiences, not unlike Humans. R.A.I.L. is also designed to take valuable inputs from human experts -- by gradually gaining experience and knowledge, the system will eventually be capable of handling complex tasks and even train novice Human users.

The R.A.I.L. system is also capable of drawing conclusions from known information. For example, the system can conclude that “The generator company needs to focus marketing and sales initiatives to the 74355, 33040, and 33037 zip codes due to hurricane forecasts for the next 30 days,” based on inspections on known data. Under the umbrella of uncertainty, the system adapts itself to the surrounding environment. By measuring probability, it always gives an optimal solution.

How It Works

Some of the functionalities in R.A.I.L. Technology are inspired by other science fields including Quantum Physics and Neural Science. Quantum Physics scientists believe our world is made up of countless “building blocks” (ex. Leptons, Quarks,...etc.) and limited behavior rules (ex. Newton’s Law,...etc.). To sum up Quantum Physics: the building blocks and rules are simple, but the universe is complex...the conclusion is complex. The R.A.I.L. System is based heavily on the same philosophy: behaviors and matter can be constructed by providing enough of the simple “building blocks” and rules to define their behaviors. Complex decisions are drawn from the multitude of building blocks that are gathered by the system. The software can even be taught to handle uncertainty -- making it more predictable (and reliable) by applying thousands of learned base theories to a single decision.

The system is also inspired by Neural Science theories. R.A.I.L. is capable of handling a great amount of information simultaneously (much like the interconnectivity of the human brain and our five senses -- thousands of connections for one piece of information). In order to do this, the software involves task specialization, memorization and learning. The system is also capable of putting itself into a meditated state or a focused state dependant on user need.


All these cutting edge technologies are made possible by constructing R.A.I.L. Sequence Technology in complicated mathematical models (such as The Probability Theory, Predicate Calculus, Propositional Logic and First-Order Logic). The system also uses the most advanced Artificial Intelligence technology including neural networks, Bayesian Networks, and more.

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