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After spending several months with our minds "outside of the box," KMG Software launched a new, and extremely innovative, business Intranet / Extranet application. The launch was the first of many "employee-friendly" business software applications intended to revolutionize the way employees initiate productivity and the way employers can measure it.

We scoured the web and found some of the world’s most effective and powerful Intranets…then tore them apart internally to get a better understanding of the “pros” and “cons.” What we found was that the number one reason why well-constructed Intranets fail is not because they lack information, but rather because there is little motivation for employees to log on daily.

The Approach

Give employees all the web’s temptations right on the corporate Intranet home page. It may sound a little counter-productive to give employees access to Google, jokes, local links, weather,…etc. because it is what most employers try to stop their employees from doing, however, KMG believes it’s analogous to "bait;" give employees a reason to log on, and once they do, they have access to all the tools and applications necessary to be both productive and successful. Whether they realize it or not, they are getting the latest on their corporation, their tasks for the day,…etc., all while merely trying to surf the web… it’s really just a trick to improve job performance.

The Result

The first to launch on KMG’s new Intranet Application was Pacific Cycle (Madison, WI), makers of Schwinn, GT and Mongoose bikes. Some of their customized applications have included a "Fact of the Day" and "Company Classifieds" section. While Pacific Cycle had previously been running on a well-kept and highly useful Intranet, they couldn’t attract enough volume and traffic. Since their launch, Pacific Cycle has already seen a drastic increase in employee Intranet use.

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